Introducing: the activities of our PCR product specialists

We are very proud to introduce to you: the activities of our PCR product specialists!

Julia, Khalid & Oscar are always there to help our customers with technical issues on various lab equipment. Apart from being PCR specialists, they also help our customers with innovative solutions to common problems in the lab, which is exactly how this project started!

A few weeks ago, they have worked on a project in collaboration with Jeroen Poodt from LabHelp. The project was focused on optimizing the “flowbot™”, a liquid handler from Flow Robotics A/S, to process not only nasal or nasopharyngeal swabs, but also saliva samples. Being able to process saliva samples is not only beneficial for our customers but also for their subjects, as saliva sampling is a less invasive sampling method. The protocols developed by our PCR product specialists are ready to be installed on our customers’ flowbots™!

The installation of the flowbot™ is a tailor-made process for high throughput labs. Are you interested to learn more about the flowbot™? Please send us an e-mail via or fill in the contact form on our website.

Photo (from left to right): Julia, Jeroen Poodt (from LabHelp), Khalid and Oscar. 

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