New: combo test for COVID-19 and Influenza diagnosis

Winter is coming, and so is the flu…

Seasonal flu is most often caused by the Influenza virus, usually either Influenza type A or Influenza type B. Symptoms of the flu are similar to the symptoms caused by the Corona virus and include: a (dry) cough,  sudden onset of fever, a sore throat, a runny nose, headache and muscle or joint pain.

Our new rapid test offers you the possibility to identify which disease is causing your patient’s symptoms. With just 1 sample you can identify 3 diseases: COVID-19, Influenza Type A or Influenza Type B. Samples can also be taken via the nose, which is less invasive than nasopharyngeal sampling. The test is very quick and easy to use; results are visualized within 20 minutes.

Why only perform a COVID test when you can perform 3 tests using the same sample?

Order a test set today to make sure which virus is causing your patient’s complaints.

For professional use only. 

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