SALE! Vitamin D self test now only €14,99!

Check whether you need to go on (another) sunny holiday! 

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble micronutrient that is mainly created by our skin when it’s being exposed to the sun. Many people suffer from vitamin D deficiency for various reasons, a very common one is not being exposed to the sun often enough.

Our vitamin D self test is now for limited time only available for €14,99*. Using just a fingerprick drop of blood, you can measure your vitamin D level. The test is very easy to use and within 15 minutes you’ll know your vitamin D status.

*Batchnumber 20110201 (valid until October 2021) is currently available for half of the price (€14,99).  Available for delivery in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and France, when placing your order in August or September 2021. Order via our webshop or follow this link directly. 

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