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    Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) real-time PCR test kit; 48 tests CE certified

     301,29  249,00 ex. VAT

    PCR test kit for Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), to be applied on PCR systems with a FAM, HEX and ROX detection channel. Please be informed that this test kit also detects the new SARS-CoV-2 variants.

    Prices shown are prices for small individual orders. Volume pricing for sub-distributors and large accounts on request, send us a mail.

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    COVID-19 Neutralizing Antibody Test Cassettes, 20 tests

     90,75  75,00 ex. VAT

    Interested to learn more about the effect of your COVID-19 vaccination? The LumiQuick QuickProfile™ COVID-19 Neutralizing Antibody test is especially designed for the evaluation of the effect of your vaccination against COVID-19!

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    Flowbot ONE pipetting robot (second chance)

     8.470,00  7.000,00 ex. VAT

    New price 47.000 Euro Production date Mid 2021, used during Corona pandemic. 3 robots available, contact us for a quotation! includes: 1000 ul Tecan pipetting module 20/200 ul Tecan pipetting module Cold plate Barcode Reader Eppendorf PCR plate adapter 96/150 u Racks Set of pipette tips (1000 x 50ul and 1000 x 1000ul) Set up…

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    Haema T4 hemostasis analyzer: thromboelastography

     6.050,00  5.000,00 ex. VAT

    With the HaemaT4 a full picture of your patient’s hemostasis can be generated, both from clot formation, clot strength as well as fibrinolysis.
    Running a Kaolin test will provide the following output, which is developing on the screen real-time


    The different parameters generated are:

    • R: indicates activity of coagulation factors
    • K: indicates activity of functional fibrinogen
    • α: reflects the rate of clot formation
    • MA: represents the maximum strength of the clot, and is related to the function of platelets and fibrinogen, mainly determinded by the activity of the platelets
    • CI: composite index of coagulation
    • LY30: indicates hyper-fybrinolysis
    • EPL: index for prediction of fybrinolysis
    • ACT: activated clotting time
    • FLEV: represents the content of active fibrinogen in whole blood
    • R0-R1: indicates residual heparin levels

    A complete range of reagents and controls is available

    The instrument includes:

    • integrated 12.1″ touch screen
    • 4 test channels
    • 4 sample incubation holders

    Prices for reagents on request, yearly contract options including placement are available.

    Trial placements are possible, please contact us


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    Helicobacter pylori Ag Rapid Test (feces); 25 pieces

     83,19  68,75 ex. VAT

    The OnSite H. pylori Ag Rapid Test is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for qualitative detection of H. pylori antigen in human fecal specimen. It is a noninvasive diagnostic method and can be performed within 10 minutes by minimally skilled personnel, and without the use of laboratory equipment.

    This test is intended to be used by professionals as a screening test and provides a preliminary test result to aid in the diagnosis of infection with H. pylori.

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    Herpes Simplex Virus 1 IgG/IgM Rapid Test: 30 pieces

     63,53  52,50 ex. VAT

    The OnSite HSV-1 IgG/IgM Rapid Test is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection and differentiation of antibodies (IgG and IgM) to herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) in human serum, plasma or whole blood.

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    High volume extraction system: Lab-Aid 960

     7.260,00  6.000,00 ex. VAT

    High volume extraction solution: 96 samples in 19 minutes.

  • Pro's only

    Influenza A/B Ag rapid test, 25 pieces

     118,58  98,00 ex. VAT

    The OnSite Influenza A/B Ag Rapid Test is a lateral flow immunoassay for the qualitative detection and differentiation of Influenza A virus (including H5N1 and H1N1), and Influenza B virus in nasopharyngeal swab or nasal aspirate specimens. This is an antigen detection test that provides a result in 10 minutes by minimally skilled personnel and without the use of laboratory equipment.

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    Lab-Aid 824 DNA Extraction Kit: 48 tests

     156,09  129,00 ex. VAT

    The Lab Aid 824 DNA extraction system is intended for in vitro diagnostic use. The kit provides high quality DNA that is suitable for direct use in downstream applications, such as amplification or other enzymatic reactions. The Lab Aid 824 DNA extraction system performs all steps of the sample preparation procedure for up to 24 samples in a single run.

  • Pro's only

    Lab-Aid 824s Nucleic Acid Extraction System

     6.050,00  5.000,00 ex. VAT

    Fully automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System for PCR testing, including SARS-CoV-2.

    Throughput of 24 samples per 20 minutes.

  • Pro's only

    Lab-Aid 824s Virus RNA Extraction kit; for 48 tests

     156,09  129,00 ex. VAT

    Lab-Aid Virus RNA extraction kit, CE certified.

    48 tests/kit

  • Pro's only

    LabAid 824s HPV DNA extraction kit; 48 tests

     156,09  129,00 ex. VAT

    The Lab-Aid HPV DNA extraction kit, for the isolation of HPV DNA. The kit contains 48 tests and can be used on the Lab-Aid 824 Nucleic Acid Extraction System.

    The isolated material can be used for the identification of a HPV infection, preferably in combination with our HPV PCR test kits.