Launch of rtPCR Kit for B.1.1.7 strain of SARS-CoV-2 (UK strain)

The kit uses a technique termed multicolor probe melting curve analysis, which allows for multiple mutations to be identified in a single reaction tube on a real-time PCR instrument. By using the combinations of different melting temperature curves generated via differently fluorophore-labeled probes, each mutation can be identified through a post-PCR melting curve analysis. Of the 9 different mutations on the spike protein (N501Y, A570D, D614G, P681H, T716I, S982A, D1118H, Y144del and HV69-70), four mutations (N501Y, D614G, HV69-70 and Y144del) were used as the detection targets. When these four mutations simultaneously occur, a B.1.1.7 strain can be confirmed as proven by a bioinformatics study.

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