Eppendorf tubes 3810X; 1,5 ml; 1000 pieces

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Use these tubes for all applications in molecular biology, clinical chemistry and biochemistry. Eppendorf™ 3810X Polypropylene Microcentrifuge Tube offers comfort and dependability for sample preparation, centrifugation and storage.

  • Made exclusively from high quality, ultra-pure polypropylene, which complies with FDA guidelines 21 CFR § 177.1520 (Olefin Polymers), and 21 CFR § 178.2010 (Antioxidants and Stabilizers for Polymers)
  • Tube lid is easy to open and close for ergonomic operation
  • Polypropylene provides high resistance to chemicals, mechanical stress and temperature extremes
  • g-Safe™: Exceptional centrifugation stability up to 30,000 × g prevents sample loss due to tube breakage and provides extra safety when working with hazardous samples
  • Manufactured without the use of slip agents, plasticizers, and biocides – substances that have been shown to leach from plastic consumables into the sample and negatively affect bio-assay results
  • Graduation for simple verification of the pipetted volume
  • Guaranteed functionality from -86 to 100°C
  • Autoclavable when open (121°C, 20min)

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