Ready to take control of your health?

Ready to take control of your health?

How do you keep matters into your own hands when it comes to your life? Today, finding that elusive balance between your career, family and friends, and yourself is quite a challenge. Whilst keeping all these balls in the air, we tend to drop ourselves first, the actual fundament of this whole balancing game. In practice, it seems that our personal health often falls behind as most people take their health for granted. We are here to give you 5 reasons why you should stop doing that, take control instead and why you should have started doing this yesterday.

First, let us define the subject

The understanding of (mental as well as physical) health nowadays has extended far beyond a diagnosis. The focus has shifted towards prevention by living a healthy lifestyle and monitoring your health. Health thus encompasses physical, mental and social well-being. Taking control of your health therefore means taking responsibility to live a healthy life, to keep an eye on your health ánd to actively find professional help when your health falls behind. This includes asking for second opinions and acquiring knowledge from your own network. You pull the strings.

1. The benefits of prevention

“Prevention is better than cure”, if we may quote 15th century’s Dutch philosopher Erasmus. And even though the efficiency of prevention is self-evident, we will still elaborate on it because it is so important. Getting to know your body, and consciously monitoring your body enables you to be in charge and act promptly. Not only can that prevent health issues, but it also allows you to detect them in an earlier stage when they do appear, what prevents more serious consequences.

2. It saves time

It may sound quite time-consuming to constantly control and monitor your health and to live a healthy lifestyle. However, how contradictory it might seem, in the long run it will actually save you time. On one hand for example, our active attitude saves time that otherwise would be spent on treatment. On the other hand, some things can easily be monitored from home and in your own time through new technologies, which reduces doctor visits and the additional planning effort. A timesaving and convenient benefit.

3. It reduces stress

The knowledge and control over your own health also ensures mental peace. We do not like feeling powerless or not knowing what is going on. Especially when things are beyond your control, worrying about your health can be stressful. Fortunately, new technologies now allow us to keep a finger on our pulses. Think about blood sugar level monitors, and pregnancy or allergy tests for example. Knowing where you stand, you learn to trust and gain confidence of your body.

4. You’re good at it

Nobody knows your body as well as you do, and no one can recognize any internal differences as well as you can. That is why especially you are able to save yourself a lot of trouble when you take control. Important note: this does not mean you should go and play for doctor. You certainly need professionals, but they often rely on what you tell them and that is in your hands.

5. It is worth it

In 2010, the Dutch council of health & society (RVS) has advised shifting focus in health care from “care and illness” towards “behavior and health”. Since this transition, the positive effects are clearly visible in, for example, the decline in number of hospital admissions. We notice how the assertive approach of people, when it comes to personal health, indeed pays off. Additionally, this approach is simply worth it because you are worth it. Your health is important, your body needs to last a lifetime after all. Taking control over your health is therefore truly something that, according to us, should be on top of everyone’s priority list.

Why wait? Do you want to take control of your own health? We are here to help! Click here for an overview of self-tests that may help you find out and monitor how your health is doing.

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