In celebration of World Vitamin D Day we offer a 20% discount on our vitamin D tests

November 2nd: World Vitamin D day

World Vitamin D Day was first held in 2009 to raise awareness about Vitamin D deficiency and highlight the need to ensure sufficient Vitamin D blood levels.

Vitamin D is essential for various functions in our body, including its contribution to the normal functioning of the immune system and the maintenance of a healthy bone and muscle structure. While many people understand the importance of Vitamin D, Vitamin D deficiency is still an issue as many people aren’t even aware of the fact that they are Vitamin D deficient.

The first step to overcome your Vitamin D deficiency is to test your current Vitamin D status and, in case of a Vitamin D deficiency, set up a personalized supplementation plan in collaboration with your health care provider.

Start today to prevent future problems!

In celebration of World Vitamin D Day we offer a 20% discount (from November 2nd till November 9th, 2021) on our Vitamin D self-test and our Vitamin D test cassettes for professional use. Use the promotional code: WVDD2021 and order your test(s) today!

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Interested to learn more about World Vitamin D Day? Please visit the official website.

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